Avoid these 5 software costs

Avoid these 5 software costs
Avoid these 5 software costs

Last week I wrote about a proven software evaluation system to pick the right software tool for your business, be it CRM, accounting, marketing automation, PPM or any other software tool that is out there to save you money.  This week we are going to dig a bit further into some of the ways the wrong software tool can cost you.

  1. Opportunity costs – Selecting the right software tool will boost your sales, productivity and reduce costs.  The wrong software will not deliver on those results, causing you to lose out on all those money making opportunities.
  2. Business continuity – Implementing a software tool will take time.  There could be downtime in your business operations while you make the investment in the tool and implement.  You don’t want to have to pay this price more than once.
  3. Unused licenses or services – Sales people are awesome at what they do and their goal is to sell you the vision of where your organization is going.  Typically that means they will upsell you in the next pricing discount or add on services.  Make sure that you really need those additional licenses now and that the estimate to get there is realistic.
  4. Decrease in customer satisfaction – If the software helps you deliver your goods and services, and it doesn’t deliver on your requirements, the customers will notice a decrease in your performance.  Your reputation could take a hit that may not be recoverable.
  5. Re-implementation – this could be one of the worst and is a sum of all the issues listed above!  You’ve conducted a software evaluation or software trade study, selected a tool, spent money on the licenses and implementation and tons of time on the roll-out for you and your users.  You’ve spent time having the team work in the tool only to find out months down the road that it isn’t going to work.  Your career takes a hit and the organization has to go out and do it all over again!

Utilizing the proven system for software evaluation developed by the Mandrier Group to select the right software tool will help you avoid these costly situations.  Contact us today to learn more about our software evaluation process and signup to receive your free software evaluation process diagram!

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