Our operations consulting offering ranges from execution of special, discrete projects to everyday management.  We are your outsourced business manager, confidant, coordinator and support system. We set up the systems you need so you can focus on growing your business.  Clients consistently report a reduction in cost and time spent on operational activities and an improvement in key mission metrics after having implemented a Mandrier Group consulting project.  Our goal is to optimize ourselves out of a job.  We are your coach to help you improve your business.  Our services include:

  • Business process improvement,
  • Customer relationship management; customer retention strategies,
  • Software evaluation and software trade study,
  • Software system transition planning and implementation,
  • Vendor and contract management,
  • Interim executive leadership (interim COO, interim CFO, etc.), and
  • Back-office management of Accounting, Human Resources, Legal and IT

Sample Results

  • Outsourced IT department to reduce costs yet deliver guaranteed 99.9% uptime and higher quality staff
  • Conducted software evaluation and trade study for VOIP phone system
  • Implemented job cost accounting system to enable profitability measurement by client, providing visibility not possible with old accounting system
  • Implemented new software tool for recruiting automation reducing 75% of workload
  • Conducted trade study of 15 cities across the country for a low-cost in-shoring center
  • Conducted software evaluation and software trade study for accounting system migration from desktop system to SaaS enabling automation, disaster recovery and greater access by executives around the country
  • Redesign of software implementation services reducing the barrier to entry for new clients with lower budgets and reducing sales person effort to 0

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